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Century made the first-ever freestanding bag, the original Wavemaster(R), in 1995. Next, we created BOB(R), the Body Opponent Bag. This was the first mannequin bag, and gave martial artists the opportunity to practice striking a human-shaped target ? without beating up department store dummies, that is. Today, BOB(R) and Wavemaster(R) aren?t just bags ? they?re entire product lines, with variations like BOB(R) XL and the TKD Wavemaster(R). Through the years, we?ve come up with dozens of other innovative bag designs.

Some don?t make it past the research and development stage, but the best-of-the-best get made into products and made available to you! Why so many bags? Simple! You wouldn?t wear a Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi to perform a karate kata, and you wouldn?t use MMA gloves for boxing. We are able to offer a variety of bags so that everyone can find one ideal for their art, and their specific training style.

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