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Dollamur UWW Wrestling and wrestling training mats

Dollamur Mats - the only certified manufacturer of UWW Mats in North America

UWW Mats by Dollamur at a glance:
5cm mats manufactured using the latest in athletic foam technology (only for UWW / FILA foam mats).
Closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam provides maximum shock absorption.
Retain its performance throughout the life of the mat.
Vinyl surface never cracks or hardens. Treated with antimicrobials.
Comes with our revolutionary Flexi-Roll® feature and connect with patent-pending Flexi-Connect (TM) Mat connection system.
Mats can be customized by size, color, logo and lettering.
Five-Year Limited Warranty.

Dollamur Wrestling is committed to spreading the sport of wrestling and providing the safest and highest quality mats to our wrestlers. That is why our mats are designed to easily accommodate any athletic room and wrestling team, and are the cleanest and most sanitary on the market. It is no wonder why many of the top wrestling programs in the nation train exclusively on Dollamur wrestling mats.

Dollamur has shipped UWW approved mats all over the world. Here is a partial list of some of the recent events where Dollamur mats have been used:

2007 World Team Trials
2008 Canadian Games
2008 Chicago Cup
2009 Sweden Intl Tournament
2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games
2010 Cyprus Nat'l Championships
2011 Chicago World Cup
2011 Geneva Cup, Switzerland
2011 Italy, Intl FILA tournament
2011 British Open
2012 Nigeria, Nat'l Championships
2012 US Olympic Trials
2012 Canada Nat'l Championships
2012 Pan American Olympic Trials
2012 Finland Wrestling Grand Prix
2012 Womens World Championship
and many more

Others Imitate while We Innovate. (TM)

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